Whole30: Reintroduction

(Small disclaimer, I’m writing this on the iPad using the WordPress app, so for the sake of my own sanity I am going to try to make this a brief post)

We’re now officially on Day 4, Post-30. Per the instructions on reintroducing non-compliant foods (and beverages) into our diet, I introduced honey into my tea on Day 1, returned to compliance for three days, and today I introduced grains in the form of one piece of whole wheat toast topped with avocado. 

Day 1 was a cloudy day, until it was an incredibly hot and humid day, and I’m uncertain how much big shifts in weather affect my general sense of wellbeing. That being said, for several hours after I had said honey-in-tea, I had a headache and general feeling of crappiness that last into the early afternoon. It was basically the same as how I feel when I am in the early stages of migraine, when I’m unsure whether or not to take my prescription. 

There are about a thousand different factors that could have accounted for this. Work has been stressful, my schedule has been stressful, I am exhausting myself at rehearsal every night and having disturbingly vivid dreams of late. Also, let’s be clear, I had exactly ONE teaspoon of honey, diluted in that cup of tea. And, as I said, the whether was shifty. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, and this is hardly the most controlled experiment. All that being said, for most of the past thirty days I’ve felt great. No random headaches or congestion. And on Wednesday, after one teaspoon of honey in one cup of tea, I felt like crap. By the next day I was fine, and the day after that.

Which brings us to Day 4. I have been frankly terrified of reintroducing grains into my diet. Remember me, with the six croissants in one sitting? Well, I do. It’s been such a relief not to crave sweets and bread all the time that I have been loath to reintroduce it in the event that it sends that obsession into overdrive. 

On top of that, when I do think about having sweets or bread, I don’t think about a packet of cookies from the vending machine at work, or a rubbery roll from Au Bon Pain — rather, I think about finding the best French bakery in the Midwest and paying whatever it takes for a three-hundred-year old pastry recipe that only two people know, loaded with butter and tradition and time-tested perfection. Doing the Whole30 has given me back the body confidence and good feeling about myself and my health that I had twenty years ago, before I ever even considered that Weight Watchers might one day be on my horizon. I don’t want to waste or risk any of that on just anything.

Still, for the sake of the experiment, I decided I had to try it. It’s a good day to do so, since my activities are entirely home based — namely, script work, script work, and some more script work. I knew today was the day with the least amount of variables built in, and I could really pay attention.

I ate that toast about forty-five minutes ago. Again: one piece of whole wheat bread toasted and topped with avocado.

The first thing I noticed was a clear but mild warmth in the back of my throat. It spread, a little, to my tongue and lips. It intensified, a little, over time. This feeling is like a shadow of what happens when I eat anything even remotely spicy. It plateaued for about half an hour, and now it’s starting to fade. But my stomach feels unsettled and unhappy — not pissed, or anything, just displeased, like, Well now why did you go and do that?

I’m going to keep paying attention. I’ve decided not re-introduce alcohol, and on Day 7 we’ll have a go at peanut butter. As far as dairy goes, I already connected the dots on that long before I ever started the Whole30, and had planned on reintroducing it as buttered toast. But now I am not so sure. I haven’t missed it, and I am definitely not feeling interested in any more toast. Scrambled eggs cooked in ghee have been just as awesome. 

Once more — I really can’t emphasize this enough — none of this is particularly scientific. There are far too many variables, and I’m sure if we’d done this during a stretch when we aren’t in rehearsals the results might be very different. Right now, my gut feeling is that I would like to keep eating compliantly, but will consider making adjustments for special occasions, or when the lack of convenience can’t be overcome. I’ll probably return to eating from salad bars even when I don’t know what it’s in the dressing and just accept there’s probably some sugar in there. Jury’s still out on bacon, though.

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