Whole30 Update: Day 22 of 30…or is it?


So, I screwed up.

For the past 22 days, my go-to snack at the office has been, not unsurprisingly, nuts. I keep almonds, walnuts, and cashews at my desk and most afternoons I indulge in some combination of all three. I’ve mentioned this before.

Turns out, sometimes people who package these things list both the Ingredients of what’s inside as well as what the can Contains.

The cashews I’ve been eating have been roasted in peanut oil and salted. And peanut oil is a no-no on the Whole30. I didn’t notice until today because the first thing I saw on the label was “Contains: Cashews.” And then I sort of went, “Okay, good enough!”

No, it didn’t occur to me to wonder why “Salt” wasn’t listed — probably just wishful denial on my part.

Technically, the Program encourages you to start over at this point.

The obsessive-compulsive completist in me says I need start over.

The adult with a full-time job who is three weeks into rehearsals for a demanding role thinks I ain’t got time for that nonsense.

Right at this moment I don’t know who to listen to. And I need to discuss it in depth with my husband, who is, frankly, my personal chef right now. Not that he would have to start over if I started over, but I wouldn’t need his assistance any less if I decided to start over again tomorrow. We’ve discussed a couple of times how much we like eating this way, so I am not anticipating catastrophe if I reset. But with our company retreat weekend approaching as well as tech weekend of our show falling within the new 30 days, it won’t be quite as easy to manage as it’s been during the last stretch.

I’ll update when I know what I am going to do…but I think I am going to reset. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Update: Day 22 of 30…or is it?

  1. thedirtydiet

    Good luck and I hope you find a decision that works for you.

    If you likes to eat like that then hitting reset should be easy. That was the key for me (see my first blog), finding something that I could enjoy / find easy / make habitual.

    Personally if I were you (and I write this knowing that I am not you and appreciating that everyone is different) I would ask myself “Is what I have been doing working?” If the answer is “Yes” then I would think that there is no need to reset. It is fine to modify a diet to suit you; it is much more likely to succeed if you don’t it your way.

    Anyway, those are just my musings. Good luck with your decision😃

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  2. Johnny

    You’ve been doing the heavy lifting. Continue on with your 30 days and see what you want to do when it’s over. Regardless of your decision I support you and love you!

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