A Good Day.

Since I only ever get on here to review clothes or whine about how tough recovery is ;), I wanted to take the time to make a brief and pleasant post to say, I feel really good about myself today. I’ve been working out consistently, I’ve eaten more like a non-compulsive eater more consistently than ever before (and I’ve allowed myself to really enjoy my indulgences when I’ve had them) and I feel good about how I look in the dress I’m lounging about it right now. I’m lucky to have a good job that I enjoy and to be able to engage in theatre with a group of folks whose talent and perserverance I respect and admire. I have a wonderful husband, partner and friend all in one, and he is among many of my friends who never fail to inspire me. I’m grateful for all I have today. 

That is all. Back to video games and avocado toast. 

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