Stitch Fix Review #36! (And what happened to #35)

2016-04-28 17.44.01In three dozen Fixes I was bound to have a major delivery failure sooner or later, and it happened to me for Fix #35. I was frustrated by the hassle, mostly, but also because it was perfectly timed to coincide with my husband’s five-day visit home from his out of state acting gig. He’s got a good eye and talking things through with him is usually enough to help me make decisions quickly, but also he’s my normal photographer since I’m technically challenged to take photos myself.

The United States Postal Service insists they delivered the package to the correct address. My neighbors claim no one saw it. USPS further suggested that someone who may have been buzzed into the vestibule that day probably took it. There’s no answer to be found, so I filled out an online police report, told Stitch Fix’s customer service what happened, and waited. Sadly, I see now that I let my anxiety over it and some other work-related annoyances hurt my time with my husband at home. That’s not cool.

I think a bit of my anxiousness came from knowing this would be the first box with items sized up, and I just wanted to get it done and overwith. In that box was a dress I had pinned, a pair of wedge sandals, cropped linen pants (not sorry about those, I kinda wish they would lay off the cropped pants), and two sleeveless blouses I am sorry to have missed out on.

Customer service got back to me within a couple of days assuring me not to worry about the lost box and they sent a replacement box, free of charge, out as soon as possible. I had it in my hands in just over a week (and during an impromptu play date with one of my partners in crime, I even found myself a substitute photographer, who did an awesome job, thanks)! So without further ado, here’s Fix #36, with a fond salute to Fix #35, henceforth known as the Lost Fix of 2016.


Loura V-Neck Faux Wrap Dress by Adrianna Papell ($128). There’s a little bit of history with this dress! I had Pinned it from Stitch Fix’s Polyvore page several weeks ago and promptly forgot about it. But Stephanie found it for me and sent it — twice! This is the only piece from the Lost Fix that was repeated in this one and I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to try this dress on. Sadly, in twenty years I don’t seem to have gotten any better at predicting what’s going to look good on me than I did when I was first taking an interest in dressing well. This dress is beautiful, a strong olive color, but I think it wants to be worn by someone with a longer torso. All of that is irrelevant, however, since it had an unacceptable quality issue on the left-hand side, at the bottom of the zipper. It puckered out no matter how much I fussed with it, and no one should pay $128 for that. Verdict: Returned.


Hillary Skinny Jean by DL1961 ($148). I requested a new pair of skinny jeans when I finally had to admit that I had outgrown my old beloved Mavi’s from two years ago. It’s not that I love skinny jeans so much, but I do like to have them on hand, especially in the fall when I can pair them with tall boots. Stephanie sent this pair in a size 27, cropped, as opposed to my normal size 27 petite. I think the reasoning was that the cropped would make up for them not being petite, but I think you can see in the first picture they ended up just being a slightly awkward length. I also like to occasionally pair skinnies with wedges and these just didn’t look right with them. I’d rather get a regular length pair that fits well and get them hemmed than a cropped pair. Verdict: Returned.


Demont Cotton Shirting Knit Top by Market & Spruce ($58). I had requested a mixed material top after seeing so many cute ones that others posted in the Facebook group. I really love the way this top fit from the front — I don’t even mind the short sleeves since they are nicely fitted all the way to the elbow. The v-neck is my style and while the navy color is not very exciting, the whole look from the front is flattering. Then we get to the back – the cotton shirting feels thin and cheap and wrinkles easily. I was actually confident I was going to keep it right up until I put the image together above and really looked at that view from the back. I think the shirt adds volume to my hops and rear end and I wish the mixed material started up closer to the shoulderblades. I think a design like that, with a silkier material that didn’t bloom out as much would be worth holding out for. Verdict: Returned.


Ardenia Zipper Front Blouse by Daniel Rainn ($58). I’ve been wanting plaid from Stitch Fix for ages and here we go! This blouse came with a navy camisole as it is very sheer, and while I feel the neckline is a tad high for my taste, this shirt works for both work and weekends and has a lot of color pairing options. It’s comfortable and fitted straight over my hips. This was the shirt that made me feel confident that sizing up was a good call. Any smaller and I wouldn’t have been able to pull this one down and that would have rocked my self-confidence without any payoff. This piece will be a good addition to my closet and be multi-seasonal as well. Verdict: Kept!


Ross Suede Wedges by Dolce Vita ($120). I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. I don’t need these shoes. But guess what. I bought these shoes. Verdict: Kept!

So that’s it for Fix #36 (and Lost Fix #35). For me the best part of this Fix (besides the shoes) was trying on clothes that were, for the first time in awhile, not too small for me. I bumped up the frequency of future Fixes to every 2-3 weeks as I’m feeling it’s time to cycle in some new pieces, but also because I think I could get used to the boost of confidence. Even when one of the tops made me look bigger than I actually am, I was able to just say oh well, it’s not flattering, but at least it fit, rather than plummeting down a rabbit hole of shame and self-doubt. That’s a 5 for 5 in my book.

Afterword: If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here’s the deal: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can subscribe for regular Fixes or just schedule them as you like. You fill out an extensive online profile of your tastes, sizes, and budget preferences and for a $20 fee, one of their stylist puts together a box of 5 clothing and accessory items to ship right to your door! You have 3 days to try things on, solicit opinions, balance your budget, whatever — you send back anything that doesn’t work for you in a prepaid envelope, and keep whatever you love! Your $20 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to keep, and if you buy the whole box of items you get 25% off the entire box! Prices vary but they say the average cost per item is $55 – 65. If you haven’t ever tried it and are interested, please consider using my referral link. If you use my link to schedule a Fix, I get a $25 credit towards my next purchase! (Note that I do not receive any compensation for reviewing this service; I just enjoy doing it).

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #36! (And what happened to #35)

    1. matahari71 Post author

      Oh, but you got the Tammi dress! That is so adorable! Keep asking for shoes…I have seen so many adorable options out there!



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