A Second Year of Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Year 2 Review Image

It was two years ago on March 5th that I received my first ever Stitch Fix delivery and launched this little obsession. On the surface not much has changed in my life since then, but since starting this blog I’ve chronicled a lot of internal shifts and struggles as my weight and general state of well-being around my weight has fluctuated. I wish I could say definitively that two years on, I’m in a much better place around everything, but as they say in recovery circles: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’d put me at mile marker 6.

As far as Stitch Fix goes, this past year saw a transition from one beloved stylist (Lauren) to another (Stephanie), with some excellent fill-in’s for a couple of Fixes in between. I only had one 5/5 for this year, but I’m less interested in keeping everything for the discount than I am in being discerning about what to add to my wardrobe. I also want to note that just as I was hitting the two-year anniversary, I gave away another huge stack of clothes, and lots of those pieces were Stitch Fix faves that I’d found myself not reaching for, whether they didn’t fit exactly right or just weren’t right for me after all. At the end of two years the numbers break down as such:

165 pieces received
84 pieces returned
63 pieces kept
17 pieces donated
1 piece discarded 
(the Kenmore Multi-Strand Necklace by Zad from Fix 23, which just disintegrated beyond repair one sad morning)


In the last year, I had:

16 Fixes (80 pieces received)
36 pieces kept
44 pieces returned
2 pieces donated
1 piece discarded
(the Zad necklace, again)

The two pieces I donated were the Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top from Market & Spruce, and the Evan Crochet Yoke top from Skies are Blue. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have kept the Sawyer, as it was too much like the Corinna Dolman from the previous Fix, and I only kept the Evan for the buy-all discount (my angst with Skies are Blue are well documented throughout these reviews — thankfully, Stephanie has stopped sending pieces from that brand).

sawyerdolman  crochetyoketop

Overall, there were a few big Misses this year, notably the Vance Crossback Dress from Pixley:


I disliked this dress intensely, and it was compounded by the fact of it being exactly like something I had already bought from Stitch Fix. Like why would I buy the dress version of a shirt I already had? Didn’t make sense to me. On top of that the dress made me feel roughly 6 years old, and like kind of an out-of-it rodeo-clown-type 6-year-old as well.

Another miss for me was the Patrick Cropped Chino Pant from Level 99. I hate even reposting this picture! These were so comfortable but so unflattering to my shape. I think I have finally gotten through to Stephanie that cropped stuff is far too hit or miss for a shortie like myself, but why try to say in words what a picture can do far more definitively:


It took me awhile to get across just exactly how much boho I am not, but my feedback on the Lander Embroidery Detail Knit Top from THML probably helped considerably. There’s just too much going on with this shirt for my taste, and the amount of detail and crap around the neckline is neither my friend nor my style. Combined with the lack of length, this was a huge miss:


The Cesar Lace Detail Top from Hem & Thread is a really pretty top but it was a terrible shape for me and just…confusing. Is it a casual plaid? Is it a deceptively dressy peekaboo? Who knows. Whatever it was, with its mountains of fabric and pale color palette, it was not for me:


Next up in the Miss faction is the Ferina Drawstring Dress from (argh…) Skies are Blue. Despite the gorgeous color, this cheap-feeling monstrosity was an exercise in ill-fitting construction. My actual feedback on this dress was: “Hate this brand. They don’t design for women w/curves. Color = awesome but fabric feels cheap, it’s too tight in shoulders (it doesn’t accommodate a bust), and the lining is tight. Two thumbs down!” ‘Nuff said:


Honorable mentions in the Miss category go to the Siena Cropped Pant from Kut from the Kloth from Fix 27, and the Kendra Cuffed Straight Leg Pant from RD Style from Fix 31.

And to sum up the Bad News before moving on to the Good News, a lot of the issues I had with my Misses were really issues I was and am having with myself. The disconnect between what I think I should look like/how I think certain-sized clothes should fit and the reality of both of those things is pretty strong in me, and I have a long way to go towards working past it. It’s easy to blame clothes (or even a brand — sorry, Skies are Blue), but I have to take responsibility for the anger and confusion I still feel, after all this time, when I have to admit something doesn’t fit me the way I want it to. A little more on this later, let’s move on to the Hits!

It wouldn’t be a Hits List if I didn’t start with the June Polka Dot Skirt from Pixley. This adorable pencil skirt sums up why I wanted to get into Stitch Fix in the first place. Even though it’s been nearly a year since I got this, I still wear it regularly and am always looking for few new tops to pair with it:


Confession time: when I need a little boost of body-related confidence I check out this picture from Fix 21, of me in the Kelly Dress by Papermoon. It’s a bit of a magic dress, in that I always like the way I look in it, wherever I am at in my weight fluctuation:


These jeans. THESE JEANS. I love these jeans. These jeans gave me the peace of mind to edit my Stitch Fix profile and let them know I no longer wanted to receive skinny jeans. The Dolce Bootcut Jean from Just Black are my go-to denim for work or play. They are ridiculously comfortable but always maintain their shape. After a couple of Fixes with cropped pants in them, these bootcut beauties reminded me not to mess with a good formula:


I kind of look at Year Two of Stitch Fix as the Year I Fell In Love With Gilli. I’ve somehow acquired no less than six Gilli dresses in my closet since last March, and I was hard pressed to choose a favorite. I picked the Beka Dress by Gilli, not just because it feels great, but it arrived just at the right time — the day before New Years Eve, I was feeling a little down and unsure of what I was going to wear. This dress helped me feel pretty and confident without being fussy:


The last of the hits is another Gilli, specifically the Haven Dress, which I wear whenever I get the chance. It’s super cute and playful, but also well-fitting and versatile. I feel like I have a standing order with Stephanie to just send whatever Gilli dresses are available when it comes time for her to style me:


Now I’d like to showcase a piece I’ve purchased but haven’t had the chance to wear yet. This is the Kalla Dress by Adriana Papell, and the only reason I don’t live in this thing is because it’s just too fancy. I have a benefit coming up in May where I plan to wear this — but that doesn’t stop me from going into my closet and just looking at it for minutes on end. I know that’s weird. I just don’t care:


So that was my year with Stitch Fix. I continue to be happy getting clothes this way, and even enjoy paring down my closet to make room for new things. Letting go of my sentiment over clothes has been very good for me. It’s just not worth it to hang on to anything I don’t wear. And remember how sad I was when I had to give away my Just Black mint skinny jeans because they didn’t fit anymore? Well less than a year later I have another pair of mint straight leg jeans from Level 99 and all’s right with the world. It hasn’t been springy enough to wear them yet, but it’s nice knowing they are there.

For this coming year, my challenge for myself is to let go of my sizing fixation. I have recently bumped up most of the sizes on my Stitch Fix profile and I’m embarrassed to confess how much angst that caused me. At the same time, I’m continuing to work out and try to eat mindfully, and to keep working through it in therapy and, as you’ve noticed, here. But the big thing I am contemplating now (and I’ve got about two weeks to make a decision), is giving up blogging my Stitch Fix reviews. Throwing these photos out there and discussing the minutiae of Everything I Don’t Like About The Way I Look sounds like maybe that doesn’t help me. But then I think really my issues are a bit bigger than this blog. I don’t know. I don’t know when I’ll know. My next Fix is due March 23rd. I am kind of looking forward to seeing what I decide. 🙂

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