Stitch Fix Review #31!

2015-12-31 14.06.02Last Fix of the year! I hope your holidays were as peaceful and stress-free as possible, and that you took good care of yourself as needed. Stephanie did another terrific job, and in her note she addressed my concern that I would “lose” her as a stylist if I didn’t buy enough pieces. That’s a relief! This time around, she referenced my Pinterest inspiration board and looked for classic pieces. Her choices continue to push the boundaries of how I see my style and get me thinking about what I love and feel good in.

2015-12-30 13.15.28If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here’s the deal: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can subscribe for regular Fixes or just schedule them as you like. You fill out an extensive online profile of your tastes, sizes, and budget preferences and for a $20 fee, one of their stylist puts together a box of 5 clothing and accessory items to ship right to your door! You have 3 days to try things on, solicit opinions, balance your budget, whatever — you send back anything that doesn’t work for you in a prepaid envelope, and keep whatever you love! Your $20 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to keep, and if you buy the whole box of items you get 25% off the entire box! Prices vary but they say the average cost per item is $55 – 65. If you haven’t ever tried it and are interested, please consider using my referral link. If you use my link to schedule a Fix, I get a $25 credit towards my next purchase! (Note that I do not receive any compensation for reviewing this service; I just enjoy doing it).


Beka Dress by Gilli ($78). Isn’t this cute? I know the pictures aren’t tell a particularly detailed story but this one was a hit right out of the box, and I wanted to include the picture on the right to show off one of my Christmas presents, a full-length mirror! I was supposed to get myself one a long time ago, per the recommendation from Overcoming Overeating, but let it slide, and then DH got in gear like a superhero. But back to the Beka. This dress isn’t particularly flexible (it will never be work-appropriate), but it was so fun and flattering I really couldn’t resist. I don’t even mind the short sleeves! Big hit. Verdict: KEPT!


Nyah Wool Tweed Jacket by Colorblock ($138). I was very anxious to try this piece on when I saw it was coming, though I admit it didn’t appeal to me at first glance. I saw a lot of possibilities for it, though, if it worked out. It appeared well-made and worth the price (but what do I know?) However, it was too tight in the shoulders, which I think is obvious in the right-hand photo. I didn’t think it really dressed down in a way that I could pull off, but I am happy I got the chance to try it. Verdict: Returned.


Charlete V-Neck Keyhole Back Knit Top ($48). Another piece I just loved right out of the box! It’s comfortable and doesn’t reveal bra straps, and I dig the fun diamond pattern in black and white. I know a lot of folks have complained a lot over the last couple of years about the number of sleeveless tops they’ve gotten from Stitch Fix, but I’ve completely fallen in love with them. Bring ’em on, I say! Verdict: KEPT!


Marielle Knit Top by Market & Spruce ($44). I really liked the idea of this top, and could have gone either way on it, but in the end it felt a little too short and boxy for me. My husband looked at it and thought it was something that one could get at Old Navy for less. It’s definitely better quality than that, but ultimately I didn’t really need this piece at any price.  Verdict: Returned.


Kendra Cuffed Straight Leg Pant by RD Style ($88). Oh dear these pictures are a little hard to look at. I hope this is not the one that WordPress randomly chooses when it cross-posts to Facebook. Sigh. Yeah so these are drawstring pants. They are too small for me, too short, and the drawstring is not really a detail I can get behind on anything but sweat pants or pajamas. They hit me at the fullest part of me (accentuated painfully but the drawstring), and I can’t even get my hands in the pockets. I didn’t really consider trying for a size exchange since I already knew I would be returning the wool jacket. Also, I got a fun pair of high-waisted, full flare black trousers from a show I did over the summer, taking me out of the market for black pants. Bye, pants. Like 2015 in general, I’m not a bit sorry to see you go! Verdict: Returned.

In thirty-one Fixes, I never had an easier time making decisions. Is that a good thing? I dunno. Normally I post my reveal on the B/S/T group, but I didn’t feel the need this time and knew just what I was going to do. I have a New Year’s Eve outfit and a new shirt for returning to work in the new year. What more could a girl ask for?

To a fashionable and fun 2016. Make your days count!

4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #31!

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  2. Krista

    Hi! I love your blog 🙂 I’ve been participating in Stitch Fix for about 11 fixes now. How do you get such great stuff in yours? I asked for a selection of dresses since my bday is around the corner. They sent me two, one way over the top and one that most likely will not be very flattering. I keep asking for fit and flare but they do not send them to me. (sorry for the rant!)


    1. matahari71 Post author

      No worries about ranting, please! For me, the difference has been building the right relationship with my stylist. When I find one I click with, I write to Stitch Fix customer service and request that they be assigned to me whenever they are available. I also link to my blog in my checkout so if she wants more detailed feedback, it is there! And when I talk about clicking with a stylist, it is all about the vibe I get from her notes. Mine are always personal, referencing specific requests, pins, or feedback, and enthusiastic. They never feel generic or rushed. The other part of Stitch Fix success is in managing expectations. I don’t expect her to read my mind or ask her to interpret vague feedback. I also don’t expect a 5/5 every time. I am always pleased when I find one or two pieces that I love. Good luck!


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