Stitch Fix Review #28!

2015-10-08 07.06.56It’s been a tough week. It continues to be a tough year. My beloved stepmother-in-law passed away earlier this week and our little home has been reeling. Work has been busy and stressful, and as much as I love running in a show, some weeks, like this one, it’s just a lot to be away from home so much. I admit I didn’t have a ton of enthusiasm for this Fix when I got the email letting me know it had shipped. I sort of half-heartedly peeked ahead and had a “whatever” feeling about what seemed to be on the way. Also, I had my annual check up this week and had my current weight number flashed on the scale in front of me, which was challenging. Now…this isn’t going to be a post about how Stitch Fix changed my whole attitude and life perspective around, don’t worry — but there was a smile or two in this box that was more than welcome. I mean get a look at these colors, prints, and textures. You gotta smile when you see that. Throw in another fantastically personal, thoughtful, warm, and enthusiastic note from stylist Stephanie, and all told — not bad for a Wednesday.

2015-10-07 17.34.20If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, here’s the deal: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can subscribe for regular Fixes or just schedule them as you like. You fill out an extensive online profile of your tastes, sizes, and budget preferences and for a $20 fee, one of their stylist puts together a box of 5 clothing and accessory items to ship right to your door! You have 3 days to try things on, solicit opinions, balance your budget, whatever — you send back anything that doesn’t work for you in a prepaid envelope, and keep whatever you love! Your $20 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to keep, and if you buy the whole box of items you get 25% off the entire box! Prices vary but they say the average cost per item is $55 – 65. If you haven’t ever tried it and are interested, please consider using my referral link. If you use my link to schedule a Fix, I get a $25 credit towards my next purchase! (Note that I do not receive any compensation for reviewing this service; I just enjoy doing it).

Last time, I wrote to Stephanie to let her know that my closet was overflowing with printed skirts and pants and I just didn’t have a selection of brightly-colored tops to pair with them that satisfied me. In the interim between Fixes I bought a nice bright yellow shell and a lovely deep eggplant shell from LOFT that have opened up a lot of options, but I was still excited to see what Stitch Fix could offer as well. Before I get to the clothes I want to share the text of Stephanie’s note because it really made me feel like a valued customer:

Hi matahari71, How are you? I always love seeing your name pop up to style! I am so happy you loved the purse. And the pants looked so good on you, ‘druid forest dweller’ has to be the best description ever! So for this Fix I focused on some solid tops that you could pair with work skirts/pants. I added the Laila knit in burgundy because you know me and that shade. 🙂 I also saw a polka dot pin on your board and thought this Alice Blue would be perfect with your Tart blazer layered over it! This RD Style skirt was also pinned (confession, I love your Pinterest Board). I had to give you a little plaid somewhere so I thought this scarf would be perfect for layering and I totally visualized it for your artistry work! have fun, and I look forward to reading your review and seeing you! XO, Stephanie

How awesome is that? On to the stuff now! I want to preface this again by reminding myself and others that my measure of success isn’t limited to the number of items I buy. I am 28 Fixes in, guys, I can’t buy everything every time or we’d have to move. For me, anytime I buy 2 or more items is a success, but since my closet is in such good shape, I can afford to be discerning and let go of things I don’t absolutely love.


Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf by Octavia ($34). When I saw this was coming I thought, oh too bad, i don’t really need another scarf. But who am I kidding? I live in the arctic eight months of the year. This is different enough from my other winter infinity scarves that it makes a nice little addition to the collection. Verdict: KEEP!


Layla Textured Swing Skirt by RD Style ($78). I’m a bit on the curvier side so swing skirts have always seemed a little bit dangerous, but I seem to have solidly landed in a place where I just don’t give a crap anymore is something is ‘supposed’ to be flattering or unflattering on short folks. I go by how I feel and what *I* see, not what someone else tells me to feel or see. I loved this skirt! it’s fun and it’s versatile and I don’t have a thing like it. So, MINE! Verdict: KEEP!


Lucio Henley Blouse by Alice Blue ($48). You guys this shirt was tiny. Like, once I got it over my hands the first time I put it on, the sleeves wouldn’t go up far enough on my arms to allow my shoulders to unhunch. How horrible! I thought this might possibly be the first thing they’ve sent me that I physically could not get on. But for the photos, I unbuttoned everything and managed it — barely! I liked the style and the polka dots that are actually little double-slashes, didn’t even mind the sheerness, but knew the only way I’d be buying it was a) if there was a larger size available for exchange, and b) if this box was otherwise a 5-for-5. It soon became clear that it wasn’t, so even though I haven’t heard back from Stitch Fix’s customer service yet on the size exchange, I’ve decided not to bother even if it is available. Verdict: Return


Cindy Slub Knit Raglan Top by Laila Jayde ($64). So this is an awesome little lightweight burgundy sweatshirt type top with some subtle elbow outlining like faux patches. I love this color but I think the lack of innovation in my photo styling reveals a lot. I like this shirt, I don’t love it. Once I let go of the grand slam idea, I let go of this one as well. If I need a casual long sleeved burgundy top I still have the Sawyer Space Dye Dolman top from Fix #26. But this is a well-made, pretty top for anyone in the market for something a little more casual. Verdict: Return


Kavinski Button Down Blouse by Skies are Blue ($44). Ugh, Skies are Blue. Who do you make clothes for? Usually your shirts are so tight in my shoulders that I almost fall backwards, and yet this one is enormous. Same size, just enormous. It’s boxy and drapey and shapeless. And the sleeves. I just don’t know how to make Stitch Fix understand how much I hate this type of sleeves. They’re just nothing-sleeves, and again I look like a third-string linebacker (please, if that sports reference is meaningless, forgive me). I’ve let them know before that Skies are Blue pieces aren’t for me, and I’ve repeatedly repeated myself repeating myself over the sleeve length issue, so it may just be that their system is not great at making these distinctions and rejecting these options before they get to me. I don’t know. I’ll just keep telling them how much I don’t like the brand or the sleeve and hope for the best. Since I don’t aim for grand slams, I can afford an option in every box that never stands a chance. If it pushes my comfort zone a bit and gets me thinking, it’s still worth it.

NOW. All that being said, the color was great, right? As a response to my request for bright tops to pair with patterned bottoms, this color scored big with me. So I did take the time to consider it and try it on in various combinations. I wasn’t brave enough to even take a picture with it uncovered and untucked, though. However, I did give this top it’s due qualitative analysis and ultimately, I just couldn’t buy something that had two huge strikes against it, or I’d never see the end of Skies are Blue tops with these awful, wildly unflattering little cap/flutter/UGH sleeves. Verdict; Return.

And there we go. I’ve decided to push back the frequency of my Fixes to once a month again since my closet is so healthy and the season is coming where I favor warmth and comfort over style, but I am making sure to let Stitch Fix know that I am happier than ever with my Fixes and my stylist. Until next time…salud.

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