Stitch Fix Review #8!

I need to confess that I know where to look up exactly what I’m getting as soon as my Fix ships, and also that I cannot help myself from “peeking”. It’s not exactly the crime of the century, and it is a fairly tedious process as well, but still. It undercuts the surprise of opening the box when it gets there, for sure and sets me up for some stupidly unnecessary feelings of disappointment before I even know what is really going on. I am really going to try to be surprised next time, because this time, my nosiness almost doomed this Fix before it ever arrived!

2014-08-08 14.18.05Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You can subscribe for regular Fixes or just schedule them as you like. You fill out an extensive online profile of your tastes, sizes, and budget preferences and for a $20 fee, one of their stylist puts together a box of 5 clothing and accessory items to ship right to your door! You have 3 days to try things on, solicit opinions, balance your budget, whatever — you send back anything that doesn’t work for you in a prepaid envelope, and keep whatever you love! Your $20 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to keep, and if you buy the whole box of items you get 25% off the entire box! Prices vary but they say the average cost per item is $55 – 65. If you haven’t ever tried it and are interested, please consider using my referral link. If you use my link to schedule a Fix, I get a $25 credit towards my next purchase! (Note that I do not receive any compensation for reviewing this service; I just do it because it’s fun).

Also, yes, this is RIGHT on the heels of my last review. Since I only got a limited amount of stuff for my resort vacation from the last Fix, I wanted to squeeze one more in before we left. I tried to bump up the date when I checked out but the days previous to my scheduled date were grayed out. I them contacted customer service, explained that I was an ‘every 2-3 week’ subscriber and hoped to get a little bit of extra time to make thoughtful decisions about my next Fix as we are leaving the country for over a week shortly after it was due. Brianna in customer service replied promptly that a spot had opened up five days earlier than originally scheduled. Another score for Stitch Fix customer service, in my book!

Now about the peeking. I received word that my Fix had shipped on Tuesday and immediately investigated the items on my checkout screen. Boy was I disappointed. By my account they were sending me earrings (no real disappointment there), two shapeless gray tops (gray washes me out AND one of these appeared to be an overpriced 80’s throwback of the worst kind), a dress that looked like it would be most appropriate for an eighth grade formal, and a pair of high waisted pants of indeterminate color — even though my profile lists low-rise and mid-rise pants as being okay, but high-rise – not. I worked myself into a nice little frenzy about how they were wasting my time and what about my colorful Pinterest board?!? and wah, wah, wah already.

Now I know to trust my stylist and just shut the heck up. I didn’t buy the whole box, but the style was more spot-on than I was capable of understanding at the time. Without further ado, in the order I tried them on:


Penrose Double Teardrop Earrings by ZAD ($28). These are so cute. They got a great big response from folks on Facebook, and they are a good price. I just have a big head and tiny ears that are uneven, making me look like my head is always at a bit of a tilt. These were overwhelming on my and accentuated the whole head-tilt thing. Though they are very lightweight, you can still see them pulling my ear down in the photo on the right. Despite being on-trend and not having to worry about a toddler yanking them around all day, I didn’t fall in love with these earrings, and gave feedback that as far as earrings are concerned, “classic” is probably more appropriate for me than “statement.” Status; Returned.


Ottlie Lace Overlay Fit & Flare Dress by Tart ($148). I am guessing that this dress could be the first item (out of 8 Fixes, though, so I am not doing too badly) that I regret returning. It was a great fit, would transition well into fall with the addition of tights and boots, and I found it very flattering. The lace overlay part (which is what had me thinking down the middle school formal path) was not as frou-frou as I expected from sneaking a peek beforehand, and the color was a rich navy (though it looks more purple here). I wasn’t crazy about the statement gold zipper, but otherwise this dress made me feel confident and attractive. However, it was very expensive considering I had no particular event to wear it to, nor was it really appropriate for the resort. Plus, even with boots and tights I think it would have felt a bit short for the office AND I already have a few navy dresses in my closet (whether they survive the fall purge is yet to be determined). I did note in my feedback, however, that if it was ever reduced in price, they should please re-send it to me! Status: Returned.


Cliff Sketched Print Henley Knit Top by Tart ($88). When I peeked ahead I saw a gray, drab and shapeless blah-fest with no redeeming qualities. I was so wrong! It is a navy print, for one thing, and well fitted for another! It dresses up, it dresses down, it’s super-cute! I hadn’t had it on for more than thirty seconds before I decided to keep it. I did note that I thought the price was a bit high in my feedback…but obviously not too high to keep. I think my verdict on the earrings was swayed by the cost of this item.  Status: Kept!


Nevin 3/4 Sleeve Leopard Print Sweatshirt by Three Dots ($74). My head exploded when I peeked ahead and saw they were sending me this. I was instantly fourteen again and not in any good way whatsoever. For the record I should just shut. my. mouth. and stop thinking I know everything because CUTE. It did not fit right in the shoulders as you can see in the close-up, and in general I cannot fathom spending that much on a sweatshirt. I mean…i get sweatshirts on sale at Old Navy. No, they are not this cute, granted. Maybe one day I will be able to wrap my head around such a thing, but this is not that day. Not to mention, light gray washes me out. I finally ditched almost all of the light gray in my closet a couple weeks ago. I updated my style profile to add “gray” to the very short list of colors not to send (that list previously only included “biege”), and decided I couldn’t keep this item. Status: Returned.


Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser by Margaret M ($58). I got over any predisposed disappointment caused by my peeking ahead the minute I saw the color. Soft orange, yay! But that’s just the tip of the awesome iceberg regarding these pants. 1) My original Stitch Fix referrer got a cobalt blue pair in her last Fix and gushed over them, 2) I have seen these reviewed on other blogs at a much higher price, 3) they require no tailoring like my last pair of Margaret M’s, and most importantly 4) they are a great complement to the shirt on the left above, which is one that hasn’t inspired me much since I purchased it from Fix #2 (Vita Boat Neck Striped Knit Shirt by Toss). Now I can’t wait to wear it on Monday. Also they look great with the Tart henley from this Fix. These were an easy call…but I do need to figure out what I did on the left to get the wrinkles out that are on the right. Status: Kept!

Even though I only kept 2 pieces from this Fix, the style was right on! The price was too high for me on two of the items (especially since one of those items also had a minor fit issue), and the earrings size is sadly not flattering to me and my weird-shaped head. Lauren did a great job finding stuff that was right for me, even if I didn’t know it. Now if I can overcome my need to peek ahead I might be able to prevent some wildly unnecessary frustrations the next time around!

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