Opening this show took a massive toll on my workout regimen and my eating habits. Today I reported my weight on the Weight Watchers app and it just solidified my need to recommit to self-care. Now that we’re settled into our run and I only get a few nights a week to myself, I want to make the most of my time and determine what’s really important to keep my spirits and enthusiasm up:

  • Working out. There’s just no question anymore that regular workouts make the biggest difference in my general attitude, my ability to deal with cravings, and my self-confidence. The least amount of time I need to fulfill my Fit in Six daily requirements is about thirty minutes, which is not a huge commitment now that I’m not in rehearsal anymore. At my most consistent, I was looking forward to upwards of fifty minute workouts instead, and I am giving myself two weeks to work back up to that.
  • De-cluttering. Because we were both wrapped up in getting the show open, a lot of small things around the house have been neglected. When the house is cluttered or dirty, I have a lot of trouble relaxing. When we’re really busy I don’t notice as much. When I have limited time at home, I notice all the more. So this week I’m going to spend a little time moving from room to room and sorting mail and stuff so there just aren’t so many THINGS lying around. If something doesn’t have a place to be Put Away, we probably don’t need it and we shouldn’t have it.
  • Follow my bliss. It’s important for me to limit my extraneous “have-to’s” when I am running a show. Meetings or readings or events I’d normally attend without question are more likely to be put by the wayside, but I need to balance that and still go out, see friends, engage in activities that serve no other purpose than enjoyment.

Those seem manageable to me. Too many objectives often just leads to unrealistic expectations and disappointment. Now that all the good TV is done for the summer (with the hopeful exceptions of The Strain and The Leftovers), I should have plenty of energy to follow these three with gusto.

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