Stitch Fix Review #5!

I am the worst blogger ever. Sorry! To be fair, I just opened a new show on Monday and I’ve otherwise been doing well enough emotionally, physically, and mentally not to need to work too much stuff out in this forum. I was wholly focused on getting the show open in the best possible shape, and so far our reviews reflect that we’ve done a good thing! So I am pleased. And then boom! New Stitch Fix delivery!

2014-06-12 17.47.57Last time I received a Fix it inspired not much more than a measure of frustration and utter lack of inspiration. I’m happy to say the choices are more delightful this time around, and while they don’t all quite hit the mark, there’s one piece that does so with gusto! Please note that I am no way compensated for reviewing this service but also my reviews are full of referral links so you can try it out yourself (if you use my link and order a Fix, I get a $25 credit when it ships). For my previous reviews, look here).

I haven’t done a “how it works” in awhile so I’ll sum up:

  • You fill out an extensive online profile detailing your sizes and preferences (including pricing), and you can provide a link to your fashion Pinterest board and Twitter account as well. I update my own profile often as my style preferences become more refined, but I have also removed a lot of the self-imposed limits that I started out with in an effort to get a greater variety of items in my Fixes. Keeping your Pinterest board fresh and tight helps too.
  • You pay a $20 styling fee and schedule your Fix! Apparently wait times are very long right now. I subscribe to the service so my ‘next Fix’ dates are locked in.
  • Your Stitch Fix stylist sends you a package on or around your scheduled date (I’ve never had it arrive more than a day off from the target). The package includes five items that reflect your profile preferences but might also challenge you to step outside your comfort zone a bit.
  • 2014-06-13 10.13.45You have three days to try your items on with other pieces from your own closet. Each piece includes a styling card providing styling suggestions. After you’ve decided what you’ll keep and what you’ll return, you can checkout online and provide feedback for why you did or didn’t keep an item, to help your stylist refine your future choices. Anything you choose to return goes into a prepaid envelope that you pop in your local blue box to send back! Shipping is free both ways.
  • Your $20 styling fee is applied to any items you wish to keep. If you decide to keep all five items, you save 25% on the whole package! While I was probably a bit blinded by enthusiasm, I kept my entire first box and saved a bunch. I haven’t done that since, but wouldn’t rule it out in the future. The only way you lose money on this service is if you don’t buy anything. Personally, I went into this saying I was willing to risk $60 on this service — meaning I’ll give them three Complete Buzzkill Boxes before I cancel.

A couple of follow up things for those playing along — yes, I feel like this Fix is less dreary than the last, and yes, I got the same “personalized” (not!) template of a note from my stylist, though this time, the customized sections were removed entirely.

maxidressReina Abstract Chevron Racerback Belted Maxi Dress from Tart ($168). Yep, the price is right on that. This is two categories out of the “preferred” range on my profile! I was surprised, but kept an open mind. Certainly, the right item would be worth it, and I wouldn’t want to discourage them sending me the right thing just because it’s a higher price. Is this one “the right thing”? Not sure. It fits better than the last maxi dress they sent me, but it is still way too long. I have to admit the thing that most excites me about this dress is that I finally bought a racerback bra to wear under stuff like this. I included an inset in the picture of the waist area. I love the top of this dress in every respect. I love the print and I love the belt. But can you see the gathering at the waist? That happens in both the front and the back and for pleating, it is exceedingly well done. It gives the skirt a very full look because there is a LOT of fabric there. One of my Facebook friends noted that she felt it was “swallowing” me. Disappointing. Before I solicited that feedback, I had already decided the only way to justify keeping this dress was if I kept the entire box and got the 25% discount (to account for needing to get the dress altered). Last night that seemed like a real possibility. After a night to sleep on it, less so.  Verdict: Returning.


Beverly Ombre & Striped Cotton Knit Shirt from Alternative Apparel ($58). The best thing going for this cute top (for me) is that it’s one of the only items I have ever received from them that is machine-washable and can go in the dryer. I love ombre, I love stripes, but what can I say? Something falls flat when you get your ombre chocolate in my stripey peanut butter. This shirt looks like it’s trying too hard. Also, the sleeves are the only length I don’t like on shirts in general (on me — on others I always think they look fine!!). It looks like I shrunk the shirt in the wash or something. Also: front pocket? Only purpose it serves is to draw attention to your boob(s) No thanks. Verdict: Returning. (Which pretty much decided the fate of the dress)

skinnyjeansAdora Ankle-Length Colored Skinny Jean from Just Black ($78). These are the same brand and style as the mint jeans I got in my second Fix, except that they are ankle-length and don’t require alterations (which is dreamy). At the prospect of buying the whole box, I was okay with keeping these. Once I decided that was not going to happen, I can admit that while these jeans fit awesomely, I don’t really need another pair of skinny jeans right now. Especially not in this flat, dull blue-gray color (even though I felt the color would transition well into other seasons). These were very highly rated by my friends on Facebook, but I feel that I would only be keeping them because I might regret not having them in the fall. Preventing potential mild disappointment down the road isn’t worth $78. More importantly, when I make it very plain in my comments that I am looking for a wider variety of items, I don’t understand the reasoning behind sending me a different color of the exact same kind of jeans I’ve already purchased! I am noting in the comments here that I would like a break from receiving skinny jeans until fall at the earliest and while other styles of denim are okay, I’d also love some more office-appropriate bottoms like skirts. Verdict: Return.

braceletVeronica Layered Metal Cuff from Zad ($32). I own nothing like this! I am so pleased. Mainly I am really relieved I didn’t get another necklace this time. Yay for variety! Verdict: Keep!

ponchoAsher Button Detail Cotton Poncho from LA Made ($38). When I say I’m looking for more variety in color and style, this is EXACTLY what I mean! This is a unique piece at a wildly reasonable price (but note that one of the buttons fell off immediately and I’ll need to reinforce all of them). The bright coral color alone makes me smile, but this poncho is also lightweight enough for spring and summer, there is a great texture to the material that keeps it from looking or feeling flat. This is precisely the kind of “non-fitted” top I am really comfortable with and I can’t wait to keep finding things to pair with it. Verdict: Keep!

I am pleased to be keeping two items from this Fix, and hope it’s a sign that things are moving in a more positive direction. I am also pleased that the two items are things that aren’t anything like anything I already have in my closet! I look forward to my next Fix in early July! Perhaps I’ll put up on a non-clothing-related post or two before then!

If you’d like to try this service for yourself, please consider using my referral link to do so!

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