Stitch Fix Review #4!

2014-05-21 17.34.05This is the first time I’ve posted a Stitch Fix review while the jury was still out (a little bit) on what I am keeping and what I’m not. I have until Saturday to check out and I’m hoping that writing it all out will help me make that one lingering decision I haven’t been able to wrap my head around yet.

Please reference my first review if you’d like to know how Stitch Fix works! (Be forewarned, most links in these reviews are my referral link for getting your own Stitch Fix – I get $25 in credit for every person who uses my link and gets their own first Fix, and that is my only potential compensation for reviewing this service).

I look at the picture up there and on the left and feel a bit sad. Hold that picture up against my Pinterest Board, Stitch Fix’s recognized inspiration source for their customers’ Fixes, and you would probably, like me, be wondering what the two things have to do with each other. Last time I got a Fix (my third) I asked them to send a wider variety of styles, colors and kinds of items. Before yesterday I had received:

  • 1 pair of pants (black)
  • 1 pair of skinny jeans (mint)
  • 1 skirt (navy-esque)
  • 2 long-sleeved tunic-type shirts (navy & white, navy with orange/white embroidery)
  • 2 fit & flare dresses (both blue)
  • 3 necklaces
  • 5 sleeveless tops (2 b&w, blue, black/orange/blue, pale purple)

So all cool colors with a couple of orange accents. Am I a cool color girl? I dunno, actually, but Stitch Fix certainly seems to have boxed me in there! I’m sorry to say that I did not see the variety of styles or colors in my latest fix that I was hoping for. This time I received:

  • another necklace (I swear they have bags, bracelets, earrings, scarves…am I right?)
  • a maxi dress (striped neutral colors)
  • another sleeveless top (brown with a bit of purple)
  • a short-sleeved knit top (light blue/green)
  • another pair of skinny jeans (light blue wash, distressed)

So not really seeing anything revolutionary as far as color or style. The maxi dress is the biggest stretch. My Pinterest board is full of warm colors, prints, textures, dolman tops, denim jackets, fitted dresses…sigh. I could go on. Still, there was a surprise in this box, and I learned a little bit about keeping an open mind and making sure the sizes are spot on in my Stitch Fix profile. When I first subscribed, I decided I would spend $60 on this service — that’s 3 Fixes where I don’t keep anything and lose the $20 styling fee. This was very close to being the first of those three.

maxidressPerry Mix Striped Cross Front Racerback Maxi Dress from LA Made ($118). Let’s start with the thing I am returning because it doesn’t fit. A very pretty maxi dress that is too long and too loose on top. It’s also above my designated price range for dresses, which is fine, except that I can’t justify paying more than planned for something that is really too casual/resorty to wear to work as well as at play. I love the racerback but find the color scheme (can you tell? it’s oatmeal with navy stripes) a bit drab for spring and summer. A couple of friends asked if I would get it tailored, but since I increased the frequency of my Fixes, I decided not to keep anything that needed tailoring beyond a hemming at the dry cleaners. This did not qualify.


Althea Heishi & Nugget Beaded Necklace from Vanessa Mooney ($58). I am also returning this lovely, lovely necklace. It is item #2 that is above my designated price range. There were three total in this box. I decided I could feel good about paying more for one item, but probably not two and definitely not three. This really is a beautiful necklace. $58 was just too much for me to pay for it. But beyond that — another necklace? Really? I see bags, bracelets, earrings, scarves…all sorts of other fun jewelry and accessories in other people’s Fix reviews. I love necklaces, but it’s the very definition of the frustration I’m having with the service — I don’t want them to never send me a necklace again, but I also don’t want one every freaking time. Apparently that is something I need to state explicitly. So I’m gonna.


Pax Sheer Back Panel Tie-Dye Tank from Layla Jade ($48). Three pictures for this tie-dye tank top! I wonder how much of my lack of enthusiasm for this top is the fact that I keep getting boxy tank tops, and how much is that dropped-in-a-puddle brown color. I kinda like the sheer strip down the back but I don’t love it. There was a lot of love from my friends for this top, and each time it was expressed i thought, “Yeah. YOU would look awesome in it.” I don’t feel awesome in it. I think it’s well-priced and I really love that purple bit. I wish the whole thing was purple. Beyond these white jeans I have no idea what I would pair it with that I already own, so it’s going back.


Aiden Ankle-Length Skinny Jean from Mavi Gold ($118). All right, time for a non-depressing keeper! I opened these and immediately thought, Oh no, they are distressed. Why do people pay for distressed jeans? I was dismissive. And angry, because I even have a snarky comment on my Pinterest board (are you looking at it, Stitch Fix???) about how impressed I was with a picture of Jennifer Aniston “resisting the distressed jeans trend”. But I always try stuff on, and then really awesome magical things happened. I confess it is a RIDICULOUS struggle to get my feet through the bottom of the jeans but once on they feel wonderful. Despite being out-of-my-price-range Item #3, I am keeping these jeans. As you can see from the right side, there are no gaping holes. As long I am not showing actual skin, these will do for Casual Fridays at the office.


Blake Side Ruched V-Neck Knit Shirt from Pomelo ($48). And now here we are on the fence. PROS: color, fit, versatility (easily dressed up or down). CONS: Hand-wash only (welcome to the world of not shopping at Target for everything), unsure whether the sleeve length is flattering, and there is just an awful lot of ruching – I found myself pulling at it and adjusting it often with the white jeans on the left. I am more stuck on this top than anything else I’ve received. The picture on the right looks a bit slutty (I wanted to see if it would cover my butt in leggings), but I like the one on the left a lot. I plan on checking out tomorrow so if you have a strong opinion, please feel free to send it along!

(Edited to add: I returned the top. There was just too much ruching and I could not. Stop. Fussing. With it. My cousin said anything you pay $48 for should be “fuss-free”, and she was right. I will say though that this would make someone-who-is-not-me a great maternity shirt. Plenty of room to grow)

Here’s what I am contemplating now: should I request a new stylist? Should I threaten to? Most reviewers are super-excited at having the same stylist from Fix to Fix, but mine seems stuck in a rut. Maybe I should just say that and let them decide whether to switch things up? And it isn’t just that. Of the four Fixes I’ve received, the last three have all used the same template for the “personalized” note that accompanies the styling cards. She starts off with a variation of hope you’re having a great day, I enjoyed styling your Fix, etc. Then it gets boilerplate:

“One of the pieces that I thought you might really like is the (Brand) (Item Name) in a _________ color. Also included a pair of our (Brand) (Item) [always a bottom] that would go perfect with all the tops included in the fix. You can compliment the jeans [note it still said jeans even when it referenced my Fix #3 skirt] with a cute pair of flats or great heels to complete the look. Remember to try on all the pieces before dismissing any of the items, you never know what you might fall in love with! Hope you enjoy everything!”

Hey, I’m the first to admit I’m being fussy and a bit over-sensitive to this. When the third Fix came, I was able to laugh it off (even the jeans/skirt mix-up) and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are insanely busy and need to move things through quickly. This time it feels like maybe they just don’t care. I am getting much better about not taking things personally, but it is still disappointing. I think Stitch Fix has grown a lot faster and more furiously than they expected, and when you’re just trying to fulfill demand, quality control is not always the highest priority, I get that. If the next Fix is just another cookie cutter of the last three, then I’ll write to customer service with my concerns and see what happens. I am so in love with their business model I’m not ready to let go of the service yet, and not over this. I just have to make sure it’s not just the idea of the service that I love.

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