Defining My Style: Mini-Update

Last week, I made a big deal about challenging my stylist at Stitch Fix to help me define my personal style by sending a wider array of items in future Fixes. They say they are “Working on my Fix!” now, and I’m excited to see how they handle that thrown gauntlet.

In the meantime, I’ve had two thoughts I wanted to record to this point:

2014-05-01 08.23.331) I don’t like flats. I think flat-heeled shoes are for tall people, Or people without rounded calves. Or people with smaller feet than me. I wore my new Kensie dress today with a 3/4-sleeve black cardigan (Target), my beloved gold LOFT tassel necklace, and the black flats I recently got from Naturalizer. I liked them because they were shiny and structured, and everything I’ve gotten from Naturalizer has been very comfortable, right out of the box.  When I got to the office, I had them on for about five minutes before I switched them out for the ridiculously uncomfortable DSW-bought Nine West black heels with the awful too-rounded toe that have been sitting in my office cabinet for three years or so, along with a too-strappy pair of navy heeled sandals and a very comfortable pair of brown heels that would not have been relegated there except the insoles are falling apart. Why? Because the flats just…make me feel so unattractive. Lesson learned. Apparently my first fully-defined Rule of Style is going to be “No Flats.” I’ll make an exception for my black riding boots, my Madden Girl brown boots, and flip-flops in the summer, but from here on out, I’m not going to bother with them.

2) My closet can still be cleaned out more. I’ve started paying more attention to what I want to wear, what I think I should wear, and what I keep trying to make work. There’s more room in that closet to be had. It feels good to even just contemplate that, so perhaps this week I will make another purge.

Both of these discoveries leave me with that icky guilty feeling for having purchased things fairly recently that I already know I am not going to keep, or wear. Hopefully it’s all in service of a better, more confident future. I have always felt that I needed LOTS of options, but in reality too many options have always stymied me. In everything. If DH throws up more than two options for what to watch on TV at any given moment, I am paralyzed. So it’s not any different here. I can’t change mistakes of the past but I can learn from them, and be more responsible and thoughtful in my decision-making moving forward. Onward and upward!

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