Stitch Fix Review #3!

I managed to get home from work in time last night for DH to snap some pictures of my latest pieces after all! Yay! So let’s get with the reviewing!

This was an interesting Fix for me. The last two deliveries, I’ve frankly been so giddy and teenager-like when I got them that I was very overwhelmed. This time around, I was a lot more grounded about the whole experience. I think this is because I now have two Fixes under my belt so the shiny newness has worn off a bit, but full disclosure, it’s also because Stitch Fix (be forewarned that’s a referral link for me!) is now offering subscriptions at different intervals — 1) every 2 – 3 weeks, 2) once per month, and 3) every other month. Way to be flexible, SF! I’m impressed since I’m still reading blogs from non-subscribers who try to schedule a new Fix and have to wait over a month to get one. If you subscribe, your next Fix is locked in! Anyway, it’s been the waiting and the anticipation that kills me every time. So I adjusted my subscription to get them more frequently. Not that I need a huge volume of new clothes, and not that I’m made of money. But I do have disposable income, and I do like getting that box…so why not? I can change it up whenever I want to.

It’s early days yet, but I think knowing that my next Fix is just around the corner, I was able this time to be more constructively critical of the pieces sent, to feel more confident in my decisions, and to provide better feedback to my stylist moving forward. And even though this time around I kept only two of the five pieces, I am not at all disappointed. In fact, I look forward to the next one more than ever! My only complaint is that I am wordy, and the Stitch Fix feedback fields have too few characters to leave as much or as specific feedback as I’d like. The hardest part of the whole checkout process was paring down my responses.

2014-04-30 17.45.57On to the things, then. In her adorable introductory note, my regular stylist Marlyn said something that struck a chord with me. After letting me know my love of her previous choices makes her day ( 🙂 ), she said, “I really try to add pieces I believe would fit your style.” This struck me because I feel like don’t even know what my style is yet! But why would Marlyn know that? She’s heard nothing but OHMYGODILOVE EVERYTHINGINTHEWHOLEWORLD! And while I have loved everything I’ve kept, I’ve gotten three fixes now that have a relative…sameness to them. Five sleeveless tops,  three necklaces, two bottoms, two long sleeved trendy tops, and two fit&flare dresses, all in the cool or neutral color family. I realized that this time I was feeling a little resentful — where are my dolman tops? My open cardigans? My maxi skirts, denim jackets, plaid shirts, wrap dresses, and my oh-my-goodness-I-had-no-idea-anything-like-this-existed-thingies?

Here’s the thing about resentments — they are based on expectations. Someone not doing something I expect them to do. Sometimes they are justified — people are imperfect, they screw up, they lead you to believe they’ll absolutely do what they say they will — but most of the time, they have nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with me. As we say, “Expectations are planned resentments.” Everyday I ask myself if there’s anything I can do about the frustration I feel with others and the answer is always the same — accept them as they are, take care of yourself, and be kinder.

In the vein of ‘taking care of mysef’, I realized If I want to get something different, I have to ask for it! Marlyn is not going to read my mind and of COURSE if I buy three sleeveless cool-color-family tops, she is going to send more sleeveless cool-color-family tops! In my feedback this time, I challenged Marlyn to help me continue to determine my personal “look” by sending me a wider of variety of colors and designs, and I encouraged her all-caps style to HAVE FUN.

Also since fit is becoming a bit more of an issue, I decided to go down one size in tops and see what happens. I have kept a couple of items that are loose and roomy on me but not unflattering (again, they are SUPPOSED to fit like that!), but since it says in my profile that I generally prefer ‘fitted’ tops, I’d like to see what the smaller sizes of their inventory look like on me. But now on to the review! If you want to know the details of how the service works (noting, as above, that they have updated the frequency options of their subscriptions), please see my first review here, and if you want to see what I got and kept last time, check that review out hereNote that Stitch Fix in no way compensates me for reviewing their clothes or their service, I just do it because it’s fun!

Shelli Crochet Top_SF03Let’s start with the very beautiful Shelli Crochet Detail Tank by Pomelo ($68). My first impression was an appreciation of the beautiful crochet detail, the fabric and its versatility (could be dressed up with a skirt or worn casually with jeans). I thought the color was nice but I have been trying to move away from grayish and beige shades, and I wasn’t inspired on how I might pair this with a brighter color pop if I wanted to (and let’s face it, I do — my formula of neutral + pop is working for me!). When I tried it on, however, the gaping armholes did me in. And not even pairing it with skinny jeans did anything for the volume of fabric around my midsection. I’m not sure even a smaller size would have been flattering on me but certainly this top felt way too big. Status: RETURNED.

Ryder Aztec Top_SF03The next piece is the Ryder Aztec Embroidery Button-Front Tank by Sanctuary ($78). This one was  a real heartbreaker. I am in love with the embroidery, and I could picture my pairing this with about eighty things in my closet right now. Unfortunately it had some strikes against it: a) it’s a bit roomy — armhole gaping again, b) it’s a bit pricey (though not out of my requested range), and c) it’s totally sheer. Part of my new criteria is not keeping anything that has caveats…having to have it extensively tailored, having to wear it with a cover-up or a camisole (that’s not included). When I put it on, I didn’t feel as pretty as my first impression of the top led me to hope that I might (expectation = planned resentment again…). I felt self-conscious with the sheerness and like I was trying to hide a bulky midsection, which I am not. So with just a ping of regret, status: RETURNED.

(Side note: I am not good at posing. I will work with DH next time on this. Sorry!)

Calla Swing Skirt_SF03Now you’ve been seeing the lovely Calla Solid Swing Skirt by Lily ($58) in the previous photos, and here I included one extra photo with a shorter top so you could kinda see the top of this skirt, another heartbreaker. The fabric is to die for, and the shape was wholly unexpectedly flattering. I have nothing like this in my closet and it would have been a great addition. The length, however, as you can see, is all wrong for a shortie such as myself. It lands at exactly the widest part of my calf and all the swinging fabric in the world doesn’t hide that. But I loved the way it flattered my hips and thighs before flaring out. In my feedback I told Marlyn that had it landed above the knee it would have been no-brainer. It’s hard to see the color, but it’s more pale purple than the navy it looks like in the photo. Still, I would consider it a neutral. Status: RETURNED.

Larsa Striped Dress_SF03When I pulled the Larsa Sleeveless Stripe Fit & Flare Dress by Kensie ($68) out of the box I was sure it would be going right back into the super-convenient return pouch. I just felt it was too junior-looking for my job, and I want things that are flexible enough to be worn at work or at the theatre. And while I have a relatively creative position at my office, my office is still fairly corporate. I can get away with a certain amount of flair, but I don’t want to look like a little kid. Plus my last fit & flare experience was not stellar.  BUT HEY LOOK AT THE PICTURE. I LOVED the way this dress fit and felt! It hits my natural waist (yay!) and has a little bit of give there. It’s hard to see but there are very fine black horizontal stripes in the fabric. Proof positive you always have to try stuff on. I ended up wearing this to our theatre company benefit last night. Status: KEPT! Also pictured here is the Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace from Bay to Baubles ($34) which I completely and unashamedly adore. I can adjust the length depending on the neckline I pair it with. There’s not a single thing I don’t love about this necklace and was thrilled to find it in my Fix. Status: KEPT!

For this Fix, I kept two of my five items, adjusted the sizing for tops down one moving forward, and will be getting more frequent Fixes as long as it’s not breaking the bank. I had some referral credits left for this one so ended up getting the dress and necklace for only $52, including the $20 styling fee that was applied. I am no longer of the mindset that a successful Fix necessarily means keeping every single item — I’d be happy with a Fix where I kept nothing if it helped me learn more about what I love/don’t love, what flatters/what doesn’t, and what’s “me”/”not me”. I hope Marlyn isn’t disappointed by my feedback — again there just wasn’t as much space to be as encouraging as I wanted to be while still making it clear that I want her to step outside both her comfort zone AND mine.

Larsa Striped Dress_SF03 (2)And for funzies, I have included another picture of the blue dress, paired with my black collarless jacket from LOFT.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, please consider using my referral link. I get $25 in credit for each person who gets their first Fix from my link. Thanks!


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