Outfit Analysis #4

Hey there! I decided that since my schedule will make it a few days before I can even get proper pictures of my latest Stitch Fix pieces taken, I would do another outfit analysis post today. I don’t want to say too much about my Fix, but it did provide a moment of clarity for me that I want to examine further. My stylist mentioned that she believed she was adding pieces that really “fit my style” which is a great thing to say…and yet left me feeling flat. The main reason I am interested in Stitch Fix is to discover what my style is, or could be. And three Fixes in, I know we’re not there yet. And that’s okay! As we like to say in recovery circles, we are exactly where we should be, and the goal is progress, not perfection.

Tonight my theatre company will be celebrating its 31 seasons in Chicago with a benefit event at a local music venue/bar in our (and my) neighborhood). It’s not super-fancy but as a member of the artistic ensemble I like to represent. I went into dressing this morning thinking, here’s an opportunity for me to do what my Stitch Fix clothing profile says I want to be able to do — traOutfit 2014-05-01nsition from my work world into my theatre world without feeling self-conscious in either. Sorry I am so crappy with posing well, but here’s the picture.

Here we have the $10 surprise apparel item I got from Modcloth last month, the knee-length dark green embroidered pencil skirt from Moon. I am happy to report it fits better today than it did the day I got it, though how could you tell from the way I am standing? The embroidery across the front is red and brown and travels a few inches down my left side as well. Also you can’t see in the picture the inch-wide strip of faux black leather around the waist. I paired the skirt with a soft off-white camisole top and a black collarless jacket, both from LOFT, and my favorite tall black boots. I wanted to wear heels but the weather is terrible here in Chicago and I am tired of a) ruining shoes for the sake of fashion, and b) carrying around extra pairs of shoes all the time. I am wearing small/medium-sized silver hoop earrings and a metal silver statement necklace that I will elaborate more fully on in the upcoming Stitch Fix review!

How did I do? I’m feeling a little meh about it, though I’m comfortable and not embarrassed in any way. The skirt is too funky for my office environment without the black jacket, but the black jacket itself is maybe a little too corporate for my event tonight. I can still change before tonight, and I might do that, though I don’t regret wearing this today. I wish the cami top didn’t blouse out quite so much, or that I had literally anything else I thought I could wear with the skirt and jacket. Overall, I expect when I am getting ready to head over to the benefit tonight I’m going to want to be wearing something that is more fun and less office-y. A beneficial experiment and learning opportunity! Progress, not perfection!

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