Big blog fail.

I was determined not to let this blog turn into just a Stitch Fix review site (not that Stitch Fix isn’t awesome and deserving of such a thing), and here I’ve gone and totally not done that. SO! Some updates (and for anyone who only wants to see my SF haul — there will be a new one next week!):

Survivor. ‘Cuz I watched it last night. I am fully behind Tosha taking the whole prize home, but she seems to be in a terrible position to do so., other than kicking ass at challenges and winning immunity again this week. As usually happens the alliances are currently split between people who want to go to the end with people who are actual competition, and people who want to go to the end with the biggest jerks. Who by the way is Tony, hands down. How disappointed was I when he found that special idol? But since not a single other player was looking, I guess I should have expected it. Best part of this week’s episode was Spencer announcing that as a jury member he will definitely give the million to Tony, as Tony is the only one playing the game in that alliance, and that if your plan is to bring Tony to the final as a Sure Person to Beat, you’d better re-think it. And Jefra — seriously. One minute your mother’s lovely letter is ‘a sign’ that you should jump ship but half an hour later you’ve been talked back into working with people you don’t like, trust, or respect? Play the game, dear!

Theatre. Started rehearsing my summer show and closed the winter one, with an overlap of one week that threw me out of whack for two. I managed to maintain my workout schedule but decided it was okay to just eat all the things, all the time. That makes it sound disastrous but it wasn’t. I’ve been back on track the last few days and upped the length and intensity of my workouts. What does this have to do with theatre, you ask? I’ll tell you — I spend three-quarters of this new play hunchbacked and knock-kneed and that is Not. Fun. on the Knees. Or Shoulders. I spend most of my rehearsal time being mindful of the position my body is in. Am I tense or have a I relaxed into position? What hurts? Is there time to stretch? I’ve had a few achy evenings and a little trouble making my knees go up the stairs after rehearsal some nights, but overall I’m handling it better than I expected. I am learning some new opposition stretches. But the best part is, the show is a blast and I am having a great time. The nature of the role and the performance is such that it will either in and of itself be hilarious…or go over like a lead balloon. That’s my assessment anyway. I can’t control whether the audience is in the mood for a comedy or not, but I can control my work and I’m doing all I can to bring the funny.

Oh, also under theatre is my company received seven nominations for our citywide non-Equity theatre awards. The noms were announced on Monday night and the ceremony is in June. DH is part of a nominated ensemble — traditionally, in my opinion, the most fun award to be nominated for. Thinking of asking Stitch Fix to send something in May that I could wear to the ceremony! (It always comes back to Stitch Fix)

Work. What the what, I say. I have been slammed for weeks. Is this the new normal? Or is everyone just excited that it’s not snowing anymore? Good news is the work that I am getting is challenging and creative. Bad news is that between the hours of 3 and 7 it seems that creativity is a lot to ask for. Naps would be better. Also it was Admin Professionals Appreciation Day last Wednesday, a day which I always think will rankle me as I don’t see myself in that traditional role, but I should get over myself because the company gave us flowers and a gift card to Eataly. One of the people I work for (of the sixteen…) even said thank you! But more importantly most of the folks I support have bought raffle tickets from me in anticipation of my theatre company’s benefit next week, and I’d rather have that than flowers any day. Now I have both!

Stitch Fix, etc. Next week! But you know what they went and did? They are now offering Fixes every 2 – 3 weeks instead of once a month. I can’t do it — my obsessive brain thinks, Why? You get them more often, just don’t buy as much? My rational brain asserts that line of thinking is crap and I will just spend more money. Not that I don’t have disposable income for this — I totally do. This is more a matter of maybe not giving in to every single temptation to buy clothes. Buying clothes makes me smile but I suspect some sad part of me thinks it will also make me happier? Fill a void? I can’t quite unravel this because if there IS a void in my life that needs filling, I am apparently in denial about what it is. I am sure it warrants further introspection. And possibly a vacation, which I have to wait until August for. Which reminds me — the good thing about Stitch Fix’s increased flexibility of scheduling (they are also offering Every-Other-Month subscriptions now, too!) is that my August one is due to arrive while we are in Mexico. I will need to adjust the timing of that or risk keeping and paying for a box full of stuff that I might not like or might not fit! I am going to try to get it before we leave and ask for resort-y type stuff…oh, but it’ll be fall clothes then — not sure I want to give over a Fix that is potentially full of my favorite seasonal clothing. Well — many months to make that decision.

Family, recovery, etc. When I find myself with a moment to breathe lately I’ve noticed myself being snarkier and more judgmental than usual. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that when I notice myself being judgmental, my problem is usually with me. Is it really so exhausting to be kind? To yourself and others? Is it boring? I don’t know. As above, further introspection needed. A good reminder that recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and there’s isn’t a real finish line. What I really should to is STOP playing Bejeweled 3 on the damn bus every day and finish Women, Food, and God. Because that is some good stuff and I’d like to write more about it here. So that’s a plan.

Gaming. I’ve sadly neglected my little Skyrim wood elf, but I am gathering with friends tomorrow for a big Dungeons & Dragons session. We just killed a titan and lost our rogue. I think tomorrow he will be reincarnated by my druid’s hand and that should be super-exciting. I need to take some time tonight to prepare — both the house and my character. I love having everyone over. At some point we realized that while most of us saw each other at the theatre, D&D was becoming our major social gathering time, and I decided, as host, that I wanted it to feel more like a family gathering. We stopped ordering pizza (for the most part) and started preparing actual meals. Last time, a few weeks ago, our half-ogre sentinel brought some lovely mac and cheese and one of our regular guest-artists brought some amazing stuffed sweet potato thingies. Tomorrow we’re playing during the days so it’s mostly snacks, and I’ve allotted plenty of Points from my Weight Watchers weekly stash so I can indulge a bit. It’s not really D&D without snacks.

That’s it for now, I suppose. Perhaps if I finish that book this weekend I will check in again with my thoughts!

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