Outfit Analysis #3

For all my blog is named after the serenity prayer, I know I have spent way more time on clothes than on recovery, and I’m okay with that. As I (think) I said last time, shedding these remnants of self-disparagement is an important piece of my recovery today. It might not be next year, and that’s okay too. In fact, I hope it’s not.

Outfit 2014-03-24Here’s what I’m wearing today. I am just so tired of dressing for winter weather, and I think it probably shows here today. Lots of black. But I am having trouble pairing this cute little bronze-y patterned skirt with anything that isn’t black. So I’ve got a black cotton tank with a ruffle detail along the collar, and a collarless black crepe LOFT jacket. That’s my Stitch Fix necklace (for like the 80th time, as if I have no other jewelry). I wish the picture showed the skirt better…hang on, I’m going to try a waist-level selfie. iPad’s are awesome and can do anything, but I fear mine is limited by me. Ah yes, as you’ll see in a moment, I have managed to take a picture that captures the skirt detail as well as making me look like a giant. I also debated whether the necklace in silver worked with the copper tone of the skirt and then decided I didn’t care much. You can’t see them but I’ve got medium-sized silver hoops in my ears as well.

Skirt Detail 2014-03-24Like I said, I had hoped to add some color to this outfit but wasn’t feeling anything in particular. None of my scarves felt right. I’m in a weird mood today — I woke up early (5:15) to get a workout in as we have plans tonight, and it is also my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers. I had a good workout though some of my weekend migraine crept in to make it a bit more challenging, but my weigh-in was…oh, I don’t know. I not only made my goal, but I blew past it by two pounds. That’s not a great thing at my weight. It also puts me in Maintenance, which I’ve never succeeded at. Weight Watchers recommends adding 6 daily points to maintain weight, and that seems like a lot to me. So I manually adjusted it to 3 extra points, and just

re-committed to eating all my Dailies, as well as an Activity Points I earn from exercise on the day I earn them, and then saving the Weekly Points Allowance for special occasions and situations where I have less control over what I eat.

I also had the opportunity to switch up my Fitness Goal through my workout program on Saturday and I kinda…chickened out? I don’t know why I look at it that way. But I talked myself into staying with Lose Weight since I was still above goal. Now here I am way below, and committed to lots of cardio every day. I believe I can still work within the daily goal range to minimize cardio and maximize strength training and toning, but if I have another big loss next week (assuming I have stuck to both WW and the fitness plan), I will re-assess and probably change up the goal before I meet it.

Oh, I also went to the tailor on Saturday and am picking up my ankle-length pants, LL Bean oxford, and Modcloth daisy print tank top this coming Saturday. The tailor, Jackie, was so spot on and assuring, she knew what I should do without having to be told. Exactly the quality I am forever looking for in a hair stylist. Sigh. Will report back on the results next week.

Anyhoo, blah blah blah. That’s me today. I feel good in this outfit even if I feel a little wonky about a big weight drop this week. We’ve got three more weeks of running this current show, including one week where we overlap the run with rehearsals for the next show, and a week and a half or so until my next Stitch Fix. Onward and upward!

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