Outfit Analysis #2

I realized that yesterday’s post was really similar to one I made a couple of weeks ago, and almost deleted it, but then realized the major difference was in tone. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that my effort to figure out how to dress better is a particularly emotional one for me — it’s definitely much more of an intellectual exercise, even though it comes from a place littered with some long-standing emotional pitfalls. I’d like to feel more confident, yes, and I want to get past this idea that to look beautiful you have to be one thing…but I’m not weeping over this (okay, maybe when I think about how much money I’ve spent on clothes that don’t do anything for me, sure), and I’m not hiding in a shell until I figure it out. Or figure out how to embrace the chaos of never being able to really figure it out. 🙂

Outfit 2014-03-21Here’s what I’m wearing today. It’s casual Friday at the office, so jeans are okay. Looking at this photo, I have to say I’m still surprised by how I actually look. In my head (and I promise, in the mirror this morning, too!!!) these Old Navy jeans are more fitted. I mean, I know that I could probably go down a size (now) in this brand/style of jeans, but they just came out of the freaking dryer and they feel like they aren’t bagging the way they OBVIOUSLY ARE IN THE PHOTO!  Gah. The gap between what I feel and what I see is SO freaking wide. At any rate — I wanted to say that this style of jeans is the only thing in my closet that addresses both my short-waistedness and my pear shape. Between the low rise and the balancing boot cut, they should be very flattering. And maybe they would be, if they fit. 🙂

Under the dark blue V-neck LOFT sweater that I love, I’m wearing another Old Navy basic, a white pullover tunic that is more sheer and wrinkly than I’d like and clearly not long enough to peek out from under the sweater (a big issue for me — petite layering pieces so they fit up top but are never really long enough to tuck in or to peek out). I’ve got some DSW cowboy booties on that are a hair loose but were hugely discounted when I got them last spring.

As usual, I like this outfit in theory, but I want to be more polished. Which to me means things need to fit properly, not wrinkle so easily, and not need to be fussed with and adjusted all day. Tomorrow I am seeing a tailor about my ankle-length pants and a couple of other pieces. I’m thinking if she does a good job I should develop a longer-term relationship with her. There shouldn’t be any excuse for ill-fitting clothes. My line of thinking is always, buy cheap and replace. I’d like to make room for more of a “buy quality and tailor” way of thinking. Instead of having twelve sweaters that I always think are too baggy when I put them on, maybe I only need a couple of sweaters that fit well and contribute to an overall “put together” aesthetic.. Something to ponder.

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