Getting Serious About Style! Outfit Analysis #1

This WANTS to be an angsty post, but I am determined to make it a positive one! I have written a lot on here so far about clothes and fashion and Stitch Fix and not feeling like a “real girl” because I don’t know how any of this stuff works. For whatever reason, body image is one of those ingrained issues that all my therapy, dieting, exercising, self-improvement and (relatively) new-found self-love and self-respect hasn’t much touched. I still feel somehow Wrong for not being tall, slender but also voluptuous, long-necked, long-waisted, long-legged, blah blah blah.

So I’m making it my mission to move past this. I don’t want my style to reflect who I want to be but who I am. I like who I am on the inside. Time for me to catch up with accepting and embracing who I am on the outside. I am appropriate but not always safe, and never conservative. I am creative without sacrificing credibility. I am sexy not in spite of being smart but because of it. I am funny and sometimes silly, but only when I’m really really comfortable in my company. I have my dark moments but they do not define me. I am not easy to get close to, but when you do you might get more than you bargained for! I take care of myself but I am a work in progress. All of these things are true, it’s time to start dressing That Person appropriately.

Outfit 2014-03-20Yeah, still not sure what that means exactly? But that’s okay. It’s a process, and a potentially fun one (if possibly expensive). This is what I am wearing today. I’m going to try to objectively analyze how it looks and what it says about me.

First: the purple/blue color combo (there is a bigger difference between these colors in real life/lighting — sorry): Playful. Eager for spring maybe? (Heh — not a character trait). Creative. I like it.

The gray cardi — I am so torn on this thing. I love the shape, and it’s different from anything else I own. The belt though — ugh — the cardi isn’t big enough to warrant this belt but it’s attached so what the hell do I do with it other than tie it?  The sleeves are either too long or too short depending on what feature I want to highlight. I wish they were longer so they emphasized my waist. I am happy with my waist right now. I need the cardi because the purple shirt beneath is a tank and it’s freaking freezing in here. The whole look is derivative of a Pin on my Fashion Pinterest board from J Crew. I don’t quite measure up to that look, and it’s really because of this cardigan.

The boots — do not speak ill of my $175 LOFT boots that I love. They go with everything, I don’t care what you say. But seriously what do they say about me/ I’ve had them so long I no longer know. All I know is that I wouldn’t have worn them if the Weather Channel App on my iPad had been able to predict the damn snow we had this morning.

Overall, I feel good about this outfit because I think it says, sure I belong in an office environment, but you can count on me to get the creative/design part of your project done and done well. I will keep refining this general look as the weather warms up.

In the meantime I am hard at work on the short-waist/pear-shaped conundrum — so many ideas to soften the one thing end up emphasizing the other. Gotta be a balance to be found in there!

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