Evolved, or Just Kinda…Lazy?

With all of the focus on developing my personal style lately I am constantly being pulled in two directions: wearing what I love and makes you feel good vs wearing what the all these supposed experts claim will flatter my figure. I’m both pear-shaped and short-waisted. Often advice for flattering my pear shape directly contradicts what is recommended for my abbreviated torso. And seriously, no one thinks I should be belting anything, ever. The longer tunics to elongate my waist accentuate the very hips I am trying to downplay. And in the middle of it all, here’s me with my desperate daily cardio and shoulder workouts, doing everything I can to change my inherited figure from wider-on-the-bottom to balanced-all-around. Ironically, since I tend to lose weight from the top-down, I’ve lost weight and lost whatever hourglass shape I used to have. Is hourglass better than pear? I don’t know. I know that when I see clothes I like on other people, someone (sometimes even me) points out that the person wearing those clothes is tall and thinner and straighter in every dimension so of course that looks good on them. I once bought a LOFT sweater mainly because I wanted the model’s curly hair and rich, honey-colored complexion. Also her long neck.

I accept that I’ve got what I got and when I put my mind to it, I can make the most of it. But wearing the ‘smart’ choice of clothes doesn’t always make me feel as good as when I wear something that I just love, or wear something in a way that I just love. I’m sure that when I tuck my white t-shirt into my gray pencil skirt and put a wide black belt around it, then finish the whole look off with a bright pink cardigan, that it doesn’t look the way I think it does in my head (always envisioning a taller straighter me than really exists), but…does it matter? Isn’t that someone else’s problem if they think what I am wearing makes me look short and squat? What other people think of me is none of my business.

Or…is it? If I wear something unflattering to, say, an audition – is the feel-good effect of wearing what I like balanced or countered by not flattering myself to my best advantage (kind of a bad example since I tend to choose my audition-wear based primarily on the role I am auditioning for, followed by comfort)? What about at the office? I am taken as seriously as someone who looks really sharp and put together all the time? Is it a bad thing if people think I am trying too hard?

What I am wondering (and don’t have an answer for) is, am I finally old enough to just wear what I want and get away with it, or is lazy of me to not even really try to make myself look better, or dare I say, my best? Maybe theres a middle ground in here. Without getting all ‘life’s too short’ and stuff, maybe if I take some advice from the pear-shaped, short-waisted Pinterest boards of the world, I might be surprised that flattering the body I was born with actually does make me feel as good or better about myself as just wearing whatever I want to indulge in all the time. Besides, really, if given the option I’d never leave my pajamas so isn’t it really six of one, half a dozen of the other? I’m going to keep mulling this over, keep seeing what Stitch Fix sends and keep an open mind to some new ideas. I started this whole thing because I was stuck in a major rut, so maybe movement in any direction is enough for now.

1 thought on “Evolved, or Just Kinda…Lazy?

  1. Chelsea

    Forget the stupid rules – they’re just a ticket to mediocrity. Wear what you like, be appropriate with it, but enjoy it. BREAK THE RULES. FIGHT THE MAN.



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