Stitch Fix Review #1!

The BoxIt arrived! A day later than expected but before we had to leave for call! I managed to not open it long enough for an unveiling at the theatre for the gal who referred me to be there for the official Opening of the Box.

If you don’t know what this is, Stitch Fix (and that is a referral link there ‘cuz I ain’t no fool – if you schedule a Fix using that link I get $25 in credit for mine!) is a San Francisco-based online personal styling service. You pay a $20 styling fee and fill out an extensive profile of sizes and preferences. Then you schedule a delivery of your Fix. There may be some wait times as they are growing like gangbusters and I can see why. Your Fix contains five items (clothing and accessories — no shoes, yet) chosen by your stylist, a prepaid mailing envelope to return anything you don’t want to buy, and styling cards to help you dress your items up or down as desired. You have three days to try on your items with stuff from your own closet and decide whether you want to keep any or all. Your $20 styling fee is applied to anything you decide to keep. If you choose to keep everything you get 25% off your entire order. Not a bad deal!

Inviting packaging! This is how it comes out of the box.

Inviting packaging! This is how it comes out of the box.

Note that Stitch Fix doesn’t pay me to review their stuff or anything like that. Having spent the last month reading several hundred other reviews of StitchFixers, I can’t see how they possibly could reimburse anyone for a review!

I’m gonna start this whole thing off by just announcing that everything fit me perfectly and I decided to keep it all! I had a couple of small hesitations, but it turned out to be cheaper to keep everything than return one!

Silver NecklaceFirst up:  my accessory, the Katelyn Layered Geometric Necklace by Zad. I just really love this. My necklace collection is small (but mighty) and this fills a hole quite nicely.

Let me take a moment to talk about how much I hate hate hate having my picture taken. My body image perception is never so scarred as when looking at self images. While I cropped my head out of these in an effort to maintain some anonymity, there was a really encouraging side effect that without my disproportionately large head as a distraction, I find the images of my body a lot more palatable.

Black Pants

Shoulda fixed my shirt!

And now the Alivia Ankle Length Pant by Margaret M, along with styling suggestions. Could not believe how well these fit. They are maybe a little bit longer than they should be for “ankle-length” pants as such, but I don’t mind. This will allow me to move on from one of my two pairs of ill-fitting (cuz I lost weight – yay!) black pants. These were the most expensive item in the bunch by about thirty dollars, so you know they had to fit me extremely well to even be considered! While I did have some reservations as I was looking over some of the side angle photos of these pants and the saddlebags they seemed to accentuate, this front-on photo convinced me to keep them.

Bunchy skinny jean knees

What’s next? Ah yes, okay. The Aguerro Gather Detail Knit Top from Colourworks. Gorgeous color, and the only bright color in my Fix. When I first put it on, it felt really blousy at the hips, accentuating my pear shape. It wasn’t until I put it on with my skinnies that I found it flattering. I’d like to try it either with a more flowy skirt or structured shoulder. I have been reading a lot lately about how us short-waisted folk shouldn’t tuck our shirts in and that makes me super-sad, because I feel very polished with a tucked in or belted top. And I had considered belting or tucking this one, but it would destroy the gather detail that I really love. I’ll have to check to see if this top can be ironed, too, as it seemed to wrinkle easily. It’s very soft and there’s a shelf-bra to keep the whole thing sitting in the right place.

The ruffle is in the back.

The ruffle is in the back.

On to the Locklyn Ruffle Detail Tribal Print Tank by Mystree! I admit that when my Fix was shipped I went onto the site to see what I was getting. There are no pictures, designers or size/color descriptions listed, but I was able to Google the names. Only the pants showed up and those were from someone else’s Fix (and in red — yummy). When I saw the words “Ruffle Detail” I felt a bit deflated. I am not really a ruffle girl. But then look! There’s just a ruffle along the back (I didn’t get a good photo of it), and the rest of it is just this tribal embroidery awesomeness. Can’t wait to get some white jeans to pair it with for spring! Of the folks I showed my Fix to, this was several people’s favorite. Along with the next piece, it’s one of the ones I never would have chosen for myself and that’s why Stitch Fix is really cool for me. I’m not brave, so my stylist(s) can be brave for me.

My fave!

My fave!

Last but not least, the Lyssa Embroidery Detail Knit Top from THML. Turns out there is a boutique in Andersonville that sells this brand that I may want to go check out next time I am in that neighborhood. This is the piece that makes me confident my stylist actually looked at my Pinterest board because there’s orange/navy tribal print stuff all over it. Another piece I literally never would have even looked twice at in a store, and it ended being my favorite. The sleeves are sheer and the back collar mirrors the V shape of the front. It won’t be wearing this during football season due to the color scheme, but it is making me re-thinking ditching my khakis that I rarely wear.  I just adore the detail on this.

So that is my first Fix! Like I said, I kept everything, and therefore got a 25% discount on the whole thing. I also had a $25 credit from a referral I sent to a co-worker who should be getting hers today! I would have had until Monday to postmark the package of returns (pre-paid by Stitch Fix) if I’d had any, which would have given me plenty of time to try each piece on with everything in my closet. I was able to check out easily and quickly online, and to give feedback about each piece. When my next one was scheduled (I have subscribed for a monthly Fix), I added a note suggesting that I would love to see at least one skirt and/or dress in my April Fix. Super-easy.

Thanks, Marlyn!

Thanks, Marlyn!

Here’s another super-easy bonus, especially if you are as fashion-backward as I am. The stylist provides these cards for every item in your Fix, suggesting two ways to style each piece (usually one up, one down). I plan to store these somewhere safe so I can plan my non-Stitch Fix accessory buying accordingly!

Marlyn, my stylist, also sent along a personalized note highlighting some of her choices and using the word “great” a lot! She also had a little your/you’re difficulty but frankly, I don’t mind as it made it feel like it was written by an actual person instead of an algorithm.

Again if you want to give it a shot yourself, please consider using my referral link!

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