Yeah, so it’s Thursday. How did that happen? I was just in the lunch room getting a cup of water and I thought, Hey you have a show tonight.

The fact that I have a show tonight has never really escaped me, but what it means clearly has. This is the longest we’ll have gone without running the show — do I even remember my lines? All those act one furniture moves? We’ll see I guess.

I’ve been very distracted by a huge and kind of exciting work project, my new iPad, and my impending Stitch Fix. That has definitely made these last three days feel a lot longer than that, more like three weeks?

This is another one of those things that has gotten harder as I get older; transition from “work mode” to “show mode”. I’ve always thought they fed each other, but sometimes they seem to want to cancel each other out. I think maybe the preferred state of them feeding each other requires more conscious effort from me than I’ve previously given (or had to give). If work is busy or challenging, I have to find a way to let that fuel me without exhausting me. And it has to work the other way as well — after all, I wouldn’t be able to do the kind of stage work I get to do if it wasn’t for my job, I had best not allow that stage work to endanger what I give at the office. I don’t think I have ever done that, but getting older is a cagey dance. You don’t always see the side effects until you’re in a bind (i.e., losing the same ten pounds over and over again).

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