New Toys

So, because I could hardly hold on another day before my Stitch Fix arrives (late!), I just really absolutely had to go buy myself a new iPad. Technically, it is my birthday present, but I didn’t think I could make do with the old first-gen one until my actual-factual birthday. Funny that we decided to go for it so suddenly, since I have been hanging on to the thing for way longer than was good for anyone.

Boy is this new one SHINY. So many little bits of inspiration. And a camera! I don’t have a smartphone so for three years my iPad has pretty much been my main source of contact with the outside world. I have a laptop at home that I never use. That laptop is a major failure for me. It was on the cheap side of things, its battery died completely not too long ago, and I can’t work on it for more than ten minutes without some meaningless message popping up that I can’t ever seem to make go away permanently. I don’t blame Dell, I blame myself for never wanting to understand How Things Work. Then I got my iPad and I stopped even beating myself up over that. (Side note: what does one do with old broken down laptops? Ours seem to sit around awhile…)

I also can bring my awesome work laptop home whenever I need to, which is not often, so I’m not computer-stranded if I need a device to do some heavier lifting.

I do have one other computer — a desktop monstrosity I got in…2006? It doesn’t connect to the internet (it can, but it doesn’t) and the only purpose it serves is to play my old PC games I just can’t give up: Planescape: Torment, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Diablo 2, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Morrowind, Oblivion. Yes: huge nerd.

I think all of the above adequately sums up my strained relationship with technology and change, in general. I have a hard time when things move beyond what I am familiar with and still love. I tend to be very nostalgic and resist embracing new things (games, in this case). I owned Skyrim for six days before I was willing to play it and let it into Oblivion’s little storage locker of my heart. But then of course the minute that big landscape opened up for me, as the carriage full of prisoners tumbled inexorably towards doomed Helgen, I was hooked.

I’m guessing it will be the same with this little beauty. And someday, maybe, I will be convinced to throw my arms around changes of all stripes. Perhaps it’s nostalgia itself that needs its own storage locker so it won’t hold me back so much.

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